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How Did Anakin’s Lightsaber Turn Red?

How Did Anakin’s Lightsaber Turn Red?

As a Jedi Knight, Anakin started off with a blue lightsaber, then he changed over to a red lightsaber when he made the switch to King of the dark side of the Force.

With all this change that occurred in Anakin’s life, a lot of confusion is risen as to exactly when his lightsaber actually changed color.

But don’t worry, that confusion would be cleared up as we move further along in this article.

Keep reading as we delve deeper into the color change around Anakin’s lightsaber. 

When Did Anakin’s Lightsaber Turn Red?

Apart from the mainstream, the basic answer of the Sith’s red lightsaber representing their being “evil,” Star Wars fans have not known much about why that specific color is used by the dark side.

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Nevertheless, it can be pinpointed when Anakin actually received his red lightsaber. A little while after the Galactic Empire’s formation, Anakin’s new master, Darth Sidious, tasked him to defeat a Jedi and cease their kyber crystal. 

As the Star Wars fandom knows, the only way for Sith to get the crystal needed to power their lightsabers is by stealing it from a Jedi and then bleeding the crystal.

Thus, it was during this time that he constructed his new red lightsaber. 

How Did Anakin’s Lightsaber Turn Red?

How Darth Vader Turned His Lightsaber RED (CANON) - Star Wars Explained

Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, was able to track Jedi Master Kirak Infil’a to the river moon. This is where Anakin was able to kill the Jedi Master and successfully steal his lightsaber. 

Anakin then took his questionably retrieved kyber crystal to Mustafar where it was then bled and turned to the crimson hue we all know and appreciate. 

Anakin then took his brand spanking new, red lightsaber and attached it to his stolen hilt. From then on, he was ready to take the galaxy by storm with his weapon. 

How Does a Lightsaber Turn Red? 

In order to make a lightsaber, a kyber crystal needs to be found. Once found, the crystal then feeds off of the energy of the Jedi possessing it and adjusts its color to suit. 

Note, the word Jedi is used here, that is because only Jedi are capable of seeking out the crystals. However, this does not mean that the Sith are not able to have their own lightsabers, of course. 

What happens when the Sith needs a lightsaber is, they would either steal a lightsaber from a Jedi. Otherwise, they would take it after they have successfully defeated a Jedi. 

Upon acquiring the kyber crystal, it momentarily remains the same color as the one the previous Jedi had. Of course, that crystal is filled with positivity, good emotions, peace, and all the other things the Jedi stand for. 

This does not fly for the Sith.

So, the Sith take the crystal and strip it of all the Jedi-like energy inputted housed in it before. This process is called “bleeding,” as the kyber crystal is “bled” of all the previous good energy and emotions. 

How Sith Lightsabers Were Made

Once completely bare-boned, the Sith then fill the kyber crystal with all their hateful, jealous minded, negative emotions.

All that pain and hurt cause the crystal to turn red, signifying the dark side of the Force. 

Why Did Anakin’s Lightsaber Change Color?

Not a lot is known about why the crystals turn red, beyond that it represents the pain of the Sith. Even Darth Vader (previously Anakin) himself was not sure why his lightsaber turned red. 

Palpatine even outrightly asked Darth Vader if he knew why their crystals were red. His response was not very surprising. Anakin did not know why their weapons were red because their teachings were inconclusive on the topic. 

Due to the very vague amount of knowledge available surrounding this subject matter, the Sith generally play this change by ear. As a matter of fact, it took Anakin a couple of attempts before his crystal finally turned red. 

Anakin was initially rejected by the crystal. The crystal itself predicted that he would eventually turn away from the dark side and take the life of Palpatine.

Darth Vader did not want this to happen, so he used all his might to fight this future.

His efforts were more than enough, as he was able to pure his pain into the crystal and successfully turn it red. 

The Most Tragic Story in Star Wars | Anakin's Lightsaber


Anakin Skywalker, affectionately known as Darth Vader, was a rollercoaster of a character in the  Star Wars franchise. Even so, he quickly became a pillar and an icon for the dark side of the Force. 

From his humble beginnings as an intelligent, Force-sensitive child, to Jedi Knight in the Galactic Republic, he grew in an unexpected way.

Quite frankly, Anakin upgraded from a mere solider to the Lord of the dark side. 

When he made this shift, his lightsaber obviously had to change as well. Darth Vader could no longer use his blue lightsaber, filled with positivity and good emotions.

He needed something much darker. 

He needed something filled with pain, hatred, negativity, and all things terribly by comparison. Hence, Anakin’s new red lightsaber.

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