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Purple Lightsaber Meaning: Why Does Mace Windu Have a Purple One?

Purple Lightsaber Meaning: Why Does Mace Windu Have a Purple One?

Mace Windu is a powerful Jedi set apart from others of his Order.

He is famous for his wise sayings and his understanding of the Force. He is well-known for having developed Vaapad, a dangerous fighting technique banned from other Jedi. His showdown with the Emperor Palpatine stands out in Star Wars history as an epic, brutal, exciting match.

But nothing sets Mace apart more than his dazzlingly beautiful purple lightsaber.

Since Mace first turned the unique saber on in The Phantom Menace, fans across the world have speculated on it. What is the meaning of a purple lightsaber? Why is Mace’s lightsaber set apart from the more common blue, green, and red Jedi and Sith weapons?

Here are a few interesting facts on Mace and his out-of-the-ordinary weapon.

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Purple Lightsaber Meaning

Before Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber showed up, watchers of the original Star Wars trilogy were treated to blue, green, and red sabers.

Blue was the color of Jedi Knights with more aggressive fighting styles. Green was for teachers and mystics with a close affinity to the Force. Red was the color of grief, anger, and hate, therefore belonging to the Sith.

More obviously, purple is a sign of rarity. Since it is used much less than its counterparts, it is a special color for a special combatant. So the blazing purple blade symbolizes the rarity of wise, compassionate, and powerful fighters like Mace Windu.

But it is more than that. To understand the purple lightsaber more, it is important to understand Vaapad.

Vaapad and the Purple Lightsaber

There are seven known fighting styles in the Star Wars universe. The 7th, known as Juyo, is the most aggressive among the others. Since it harnesses aspects of the Dark Side, it is usually forbidden to Jedi Knights.

Mace Windu used form 7 to develop a similar fighting style known as Vaapad. Vaapad is best described as using the Dark Side to one’s own advantage while battling a member of the Sith.

When a Jedi uses Vaapad, he absorbs the darkness of his Dark Side opponent. He then channels this darkness and throws it back at this opponent. Since it means delving into the Dark Side, it is a dangerous method that can be used only by those who have a strong affinity with the Force.

Mace Windu is a unique Force-user. Although he allies himself with the compassion, sympathy, and selflessness of the Jedi, his use of Vaapad gives him access to the power of the Dark Side.

This is the clearest answer to the question of why Mace has a purple lightsaber. Since purple is a mixture of blue and red, a purple lightsaber wielder harnesses both the power of the Light and of the Darkness within him.

How Mace Windu Got His Purple Lightsaber - Star Wars Explained

How Mace Windu Got His Purple Lightsaber

Mace Windu was orphaned at a very young age. As a child, he was brought to the Jedi Temple to be raised and trained for the Order.

One of his special abilities included seeing shatter points in the Force. This allowed him to have glimpses into the future unknown to others. The visions came to him in dreams, one of which was that of a purple lightsaber.

Mace tried his best to create a lightsaber using the common blue and green crystals available to most Jedi Knights. However, his efforts failed constantly, causing his masters great worry.

Troubled by his constant failure, Mace requested a challenge. He asked to be left on the planet Hurikane by himself.

When he arrived, he was chased by the hostile natives of the planet. During the chase, a native fell into a ravine and was shattered. With compassion and sympathy, Mace used his Force power to bring the native back to life.

Because of their deep gratitude to Mace, the natives of the planet gifted him with a beautiful and rare purple crystal. Seeing it, Mace immediately knew that this was to be the crystal that would power his lightsaber. He then went on to build one of the most deadly and lovely lightsabers in history.

How Mace Windu Got His Purple Lightsaber (Behind the Scenes of the Movie)

Yes, how Mace Windu got his purple lightsaber is a legend. It is an epic story of bravery, faith, and intuition.

But going behind the scenes, why did creators of the Star Wars franchise decide to include a purple lightsaber? Was it only to interest and excite watchers? Or was there more?

The simple answer is that Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Mace Windu in the prequel trilogy, wanted to have a unique lightsaber. He knew that the final battle in Attack of the Clones would feature many blue and green lightsabers, and he wanted his to stand out.

Although creator George Lucas initially refused this request, he soon saw how the beautiful amethyst blade would look amidst a clash of blue and green weapons. Because of this, he agreed to Mace’s purple blade.

The History of Mace’s Purple Lightsaber

Going back into the Star Wars world, we see Mace Windu with his newly-formed lightsaber from Hurikane. When Mace joined the Council, he created a new lightsaber with the same purple crystal. This time, he used Electrum, a rare gold-colored material that made his weapon even more special and unique.

But Mace Windu’s lightsaber came to a tragic end. When Mace was defeated by Palpatine and Anakin, he fell out of a window to his death. His lightsaber also fell with him and was lost.

Although there is no official record of what happened to Mace’s lightsaber, rumors spread that Senator Sano Saura had it. A Duro is said to have sold a purple lightsaber to the senator, claiming it to be Mace’s lost one. This fact was not verified, but many believed that Saura held the rare and beautiful weapon in his safekeeping.

Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber is no doubt one of the most beautiful in the Galactic Empire. With its sleek hilt, gorgeous amethyst blade, and unique meaning and history, it stands out as one of the best lightsabers in Star Wars history.

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