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Why Is Yoda So Powerful?

Why Is Yoda So Powerful?

“Do or do not, there is no try.” This line is one of the many well-known nuggets of wisdom imparted by Jedi Grand Master Yoda 

Shrouded in mystery, Master Yoda is one of the wisest characters in the Star Wars franchise. He lived through an impressive 900 years of galactic history.

This allowed him to witness the inception of the first Jedi Order, its demise, and the rebuilding of the new Jedi Order post Jedi Purge.

Yoda living this long bode well for multiple Jedi, as they were blessed to have the most Force-experienced individual training them.

Having this much life experience made Yoda a legend in galactic history, and having this much time to become in tune with the Force made Yoda incredibly powerful.

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This begs the question, why is Yoda so powerful? Don’t worry, this article will have the answers you’re looking for.

So without further ado, let’s do a deep dive into this question. 

Why Is Yoda So Powerful?

As we already established, Grand Master Yoda is a well-aged Jedi. Because of this, he has had far more time than most Jedi Masters to hone in on his skill.

Yoda was one of the most dedicated beings you could find. He took the Jedi Code to heart, lived it, and breathed it. He wholeheartedly believed in the way of the Jedi and the way of the Force.

Ergo, Yoda never diverted from those teachings in his centuries-long lifespan.

Given his age, experience, and his unwavering dedication to the light side of the Force, there’s no doubt that he would end up being extraordinarily powerful. 

Is Yoda The Most Powerful Jedi Ever?

For some time, Grand Master Yoda was uncontested as the most powerful Jedi that ever lived, and it’s evident why.

Compared to the rest of the Jedi High Council, he was certainly the wisest. Added to that his impeccable swordsmanship, and the talent of Yoda is unquestionable. 

The ability to keep up with his skill, maintain a good relationship with the Force, and better his combat skills, all while training upcoming Jedi, is incredibly impressive.

Which made him well deserving of his status as the most powerful Jedi. That was until the rise of Luke Skywalker.

Is Yoda Stronger Than Palpatine?

Yoda has immense strength for a light side Force user, but how does he stand up against a dark side boss like Darth Sidious?

Darth Sidious, formerly Sheev Palpatine, was the original Dark Lord of the Galactic Empire.

He was born a Force-sensitive human male, and from there he learned to split himself into two personalities, Palpatine and Sidious.

This was done mainly for political reasons–the Palpatine version of himself sat on the Jedi High Council.

With all of this in mind, it’s safe to assume that Palpatine was an incredibly powerful Force user, especially since he was the ruler of the dark side of the Force.

Hence, Palpatine’s ability surpassed Yoda’s in terms of the Force. So much so that in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Palpatine used Force Dyad to strip Kylo Ren and Rey of their power.

This made him the most powerful Sith there was at the time.

Even so, Yoda was still much older and wiser than Palpatine was, which allowed him to collect years of combat training.

Therefore in terms of swordsmanship, Yoda still had the leg up on Palpatine. 

Who Is Stronger Than Yoda?

As impressive as Yoda was, his time as the most powerful Jedi ended when Luke Skywalker finally tapped into his power.

Son of Anakin Skywalker, Luke showed his family lineage with his skillset. Luke Skywalker was a Force-sensitive male who eventually made his way to Jedi Master.

He was a legend among his peers. Luke was able to hold his own against the Galactic Empire’s many attacks.

So much so, he was the person responsible for rebuilding the Jedi Order as well as defeating the infamous Darth Vader.

In addition to all his impressive feats, Luke was able to use various Force Powers to defeat the enemy without losing his footing on the light side. 

Moreover, he was able to defeat Darth Vader while also saving his father, Anakin.

Eventually surpassing Yoda with this arsenal of skills and accomplishments, Luke Skywalker was unequivocally the most powerful Jedi who ever lived. 

What Is So Special About Yoda?

Apart from his age, Grand Master Yoda had a unique way of speaking.

Now, it must be taken into account that Yoda’s species is unknown, so chances are English was not his first language. 

For that reason, when he initially learned English, he most likely transferred the grammatical structure of his original language to English. This led to him speaking with inverted sentences.

These sentences bode well for his dispersion of wisdom and here’s why.

Most people, when listening to a long speech or something that may contain terms they aren’t accustomed to, would zone out–consequently missing the most important part of what is being said. 

What the inverted sentences do is force the listener to be actively involved in the discussion. 

They do this by making the listener use their brains to reorder the sentences in a way that allows them to extract the core message.

Quite frankly, this was a genius method Yoda used to ensure that the people he taught were giving him their full, undivided attention. 


In the Star Wars communities, Grand Master Yoda is an icon. He is one of the most quoted, well-known characters that can be spotted from a mile away.

Just from the memes and internet posts alone, Yoda can even be identified from people who know nothing about Star Wars.

Despite all that’s known about Yoda, he is still a man of mystery. Many questions often arise about him, such as what his species is, why he speaks backward and much more.

Of all the questions, there’s one we can answer that often pops up. That is, whether or not Baby Yoda is stronger than Yoda himself.

Let’s get into the answer. 

Is Baby Yoda Stronger Than Yoda?

Grogu, affectionately known as Baby Yoda or The Child, is essentially a miniature version of Yoda.

Born to the same species as Yoda, Baby Yoda was a Jedi Initiate who was adopted by the Mandalorians.

Obsessed with soups, particularly Bone Broth, Grogu became the baby in the Star Wars fandom. Hence the name Baby Yoda.

Don’t let his small stature and adorable face fool you though, Baby Yoda was impressively strong for his class.

He was so strong that the Mandalorians displayed him to be capable of using and learning the way of the Force with little to no actual training.

Regardless of this, Baby Yoda is not more powerful than Grand Master Yoda.

First and foremost, Yoda has had centuries to perfect his craft. He has had years to adapt his inclination to the Force and his combative skills to their highest potential.

Baby Yoda, on the other hand, is relatively fresh in his journey. Therefore he is not more powerful than Yoda and, as it stands, he isn’t even close to Yoda’s power level.

Still, Baby Yoda has the potential to reach Yoda’s level or even surpass him once he trains and hones in on his skills, just as Yoda did. 


The parable-speaking wise old man that is Yoda was a legend in the Star Wars universe for good reason.

He was the most skilled swordsman the galaxy has ever seen and, for a couple of generations of lucky Jedi, he trained them with his knowledge.

Despite being approximately 900 years old by the end of the franchise, Yoda was surprisingly not the oldest Jedi. In comparison to the other species around him, Yoda’s lifespan was astoundingly short.

He was, however, the most powerful Jedi for a long while. That was until Luke Skywalker came into the picture.

In the galaxy at large, there were some aspects of strength where Yoda fell short, and where he did, Palpatine took up the slack.

Still, even in his old age, Yoda was the most legendary swordsman the galaxy has seen and no one could take that title from him.

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