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Can Yoda Heal Wounds?

Can Yoda Heal Wounds?

The ability to heal is arguably one of the most important skills an individual can contribute to his community. 

Whether it be the military or just a country in general, there is a sense of comfort that comes from knowing that there is someone out there who can help you if need be. 

Certainly, George Lucas’ Star Wars universe is no different. 

The one leg up the characters in Star Wars have on us is that they had the Force. This allowed some of the characters to use a technique called Force Heal. 

But what exactly is Force Heal? Can Yoda use it? How does it work? These questions and more will be answered as we do a deep dive into this topic. 

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Can Yoda Heal Wounds?

Jedi Grand Master Yoda is one of Star Wars’ most powerful characters. 

The True Power of Yoda - Yoda’s Greatest Force Feats [Legends] - Star Wars Explained

As the leader of the Jedi Order, Yoda was able to pass on his vast knowledge to multiple generations of aspiring Jedi.

His 900 years in the galaxy allowed him to develop near-unmatched swordsmanship. Not only that, but his age also granted him an intense understanding of the Force. 

This understanding of the Force meant that Yoda was able to use virtually any force technique he chose, including Force Heal. 

Truth be told, Yoda was so connected to the Force that when he used Force Heal, it took little to no effort. He would simply need to wave his hand and all those in his vicinity would have been healed. 

But what exactly is Force Heal anyway?

What is Force Healing?

FORCE HEAL (Canon) - Star Wars Explained

Well, just as the name suggests, Force Heal, also known as Force Healing, is where a Force user can utilize the Force to heal another individual. 

Mainly used by the Jedi, Force Healing allowed the user to speed up the healing process of a wound or injury. The rapidity of the healing is dependent on the force level of the individual force user.

Entry-level Jedi have to meditate extensively to create an acceptable mental state for the Force to work. The higher up the aptitude chain they climb, the less meditation is needed and the faster healing takes place. 

Jedi Masters with the highest level of Force connection, such as Yoda, can use Force Heal without the need for meditation. What’s more, they could repair the most severe and otherwise fatal injuries. 

How does Yoda use Force Heal?

Old Yoda

Yoda has no doubt mastered the Force, given how strongly connected the Jedi Master is to it. Of course, having the status that he did, Yoda did not need to meditate to use this skill. 

As mentioned before, all Yoda had to do was wave his hand, and boom, all those around him were healed. 

In theory, this attribute is a gift that would’ve made Yoda a hot commodity in battles, as he would’ve been able to quickly heal his comrades. As a result, their lives would be effectively saved.

Did Yoda ever heal anyone?

Jedi become immortal

Now, as contradictory as it may seem, there seems to be no actual record of Yoda using Force Heal on any particular person. 

Even so, his deep understanding of the inner workings of the Force and his incredible power allows him to use almost any force technique he wants. 

When coupled with his intense connection to the light side, it would be fair to assume that Yoda could heal others without doing much damage to his energy reserves. However, Yoda is just like other Force users, in that his energy would be depleted when using such a demanding technique. 

While it has been made clear that Yoda can use Force Healing, there aren’t any records of a specific person who he has healed. 

This is because Force Healing wasn’t a thing during the reign of the Old Jedi Order. Rather, it began to make an appearance when the New Jedi Order came to fruition.

This was because the Jedi Code prohibited them from harboring the emotional connection necessary to tap into Force Healing. Ergo, many Jedi were not capable of using Force Heal. 

Why Jedi Couldn’t use Force Healing to Save Others in Every Situation! (Legends)

It wasn’t until the New Jedi Order was formed that this strict rule on emotions, though still there, became a little laxer. This allowed the new generation of Jedi to use Force Heal at will. 

Does Baby Yoda Know Force Heal?

Speaking of the new generation of Jedi, Grogu (Baby Yoda) is a Jedi Initiate who is one of the few members of Yoda’s unknown species. 

Why Yoda's Species Is SO POWERFUL | None Have Turned to the Dark Side

With the little that is known about them, we do know that this species seems to be immensely force-sensitive. 

So much so that in Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda was shown to be able to use various Force powers with little to no training.

Baby Yoda was able to use skills that are not typical of a Jedi Initiate, including Force Heal. 

How does Grogu know Force Heal?

Given how little training he has had, it’s safe to assume that Baby Yoda’s ability to use Force Heal is a part of his species’ DNA.

Baby Yoda’s most notable occurrence of using Force Heal was when he saved Greef Karga’s life. How did he get injured to begin with?

Well, Baby Yoda was wanted by the Galactic Empire, and so a bounty was placed on his head. Therefore, Greef Karga escaped the Imperial base on Nevarro with Baby Yoda to save him. 

Confirmed: The SHOCKING Real Reason The Empire Wanted the Child! | The Mandalorian Season 2

When they made their way back to Nevarro, they were attacked by Nevarro Reptavians, which were winged, almost pterodactyl-like creatures. 

Even though he fought valiantly, Karga still got injured and was subsequently poisoned by these creatures. Baby Yoda, not wanting Greef Karga to die, used Force Heal to save his life. 

Naturally, using this power understandably drained the energy reserves of the child, especially since there was no indication that he had learned this ability previously.


There has been no known record of any specific people that Jedi Grand Master Yoda healed with the Force.

Even so, he could still mass heal his teammates with a simple wave of the hand. This just goes to show how powerful Yoda was.

This could be accredited to the amazing natural aptitude for the Force that those of Yoda’s species seem to display. 

A perfect example of this is Baby Yoda’s incredible ability to use varied Force Powers despite having little training as a Jedi Initiate. This was seen when Baby Yoda healed Greef Karga after he was poisoned.

Baby Yoda Heals Greef Karga!
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