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How Strong Was Yoda in His Prime?

How Strong Was Yoda in His Prime?

Regarded as one of the most powerful Jedi ever, Yoda was past his prime when he dueled two Sith Lords in The Prequel Trilogy. And despite his old age, he still defeated Count Dooku in lightsaber combat.  

Yoda also forced Darth Sidious to ditch the lightsaber and resort to Force powers in Revenge of the Sith. So if Yoda was still so gifted in the Prequel Trilogy, what did he look like in his prime?

Yoda’s prime lasted between 800 BBY and ended before 32 BBY. During this time, he enjoyed numerous accomplishments in both Star Wars Canon and Legends. 

We don’t know how strong Yoda was since the Star Wars franchise remains unclear on this issue, but we know he was still lethal in the Force beyond his prime. While he was the strongest Force user in the Jedi Order, one character edged him out. 

When was Yoda’s Prime?

Born in 896 BBY, Yoda became a Jedi Master in 800 BBY, so it’s safe to say his Prime started then. Not long after his ascension to Master, Yoda held a seat on the Jedi High Council. 

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He also took on his first of many Padawans to spend centuries training. Some of Yoda’s accomplishments before the High Republic Era included co-leading the mobile academy and dueling the Witches of Dathomir to a stalemate after his ship crash-landed on the planet. 

While Yoda left the data tapes on the ship as part of the stalemate’s agreement, he foresaw a Jedi would rescue the planet from darkness and share the tapes’ information. That Jedi became Luke Skywalker, Yoda’s final apprentice. 

High Republic Era

When the High Republic Era rolled around, Yoda shared the rank of Jedi Grand Master with Jedi Lahru and Pra-Tra-Veter. 

Yoda was well into his prime when the High Republic Era kicked off in 300 BBY, putting him at 596 years old. This placed Yoda at middle-age since between 10 and 12.5 years equaled one human year for his species. 

He was also still taking Padawans, such as Kantam Sy. While Sy left the Jedi Order and Yoda seemingly failed him, the Padawan returned a year later, allowing Yoda to induct him into the rank of Knighthood. 

In  232 BBY, Yoda joined the Star Hopper crew, where he trained Padawans and Younglings. This experience carried over into the Prequel Trilogy, where we saw him training Younglings inside the Jedi Temple. 

Yoda played an outstanding role during the Great Hyperspace Disaster when he joined a Force bond network Jedi Master Avar Kriss set up. The group effort prevented a Tibanna gas container from hitting an R-class sun. 

During his prime, Yoda also mastered all seven forms of lightsaber dueling. However, Ataru, or Form IV, became his go-to, even past his prime. Yoda was also a standout in Niman, or Form VI. 

During his prime, Yoda’s talents in telekinesis played a huge role when he embarked on a mission to rescue a child from pirates. 

He also saved King X’Ting 150 years before the Clone Wars launched.  They enshrined Yoda in the planet’s Hall of Heroes For his efforts with a 70-meter statue. 

In 130 BBY, the Force became misshapen, and Yoda theorized it meant the Chosen One’s presence was approaching. 

The Order’s younger Jedi formed the Potentium and opposed Yoda’s theory. But the Council sided with Yoda in the end, expelling the Potentium from the Order. 

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How Strong Was Yoda In His Prime?

While Yoda was past his prime when the Prequel Trilogy rolled around, he was also well-versed in the Force. Count Dooku believed he could best Yoda given the latter’s old age. At least until Yoda forced his former Padawan to flee. 

Palpatine also realized he could not defeat Yoda on lightsaber skills alone. And even when he reverted to using his trusty Force lighting, Yoda still absorbed and reflected it via tutaminis. 

Even in the year before his death, Yoda levitated Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing, showing he still commanded the Force. 

As a ghost, Yoda continued to show immense control over the Force when he summoned lightning that destroyed the Force tree on Ach-To. 

When you look at Yoda’s accomplishments in the Prequel, Original, and Sequel Trilogies, you’re looking at accomplishments that occurred when he was so old he could hardly walk without a cane or navigate long distances without a pod. 

We will never know for sure how strong Yoda was in his prime. But if he was a shell of himself come the Original Trilogy, it should clue you in on just how strong this mysterious being was between the years of 800 BBY and 32 BBY. 

Can Yoda beat Palpatine in His Prime?

It’s appropriate to say that, although he was past his prime in Revenge of the Sith, you can argue Yoda won the lightsaber duel versus Palpatine. 

Sure, Yoda ended up retreating and therefore lost to Palpatine. But Palpatine put away his lightsaber and resorted to his Force abilities. And it wasn’t until the clone troopers showed up that Yoda fled the Senate building and escaped with Bail Organa. 

Is Yoda the Strongest Force User?

Obi-Wan Kenobi believed Yoda to be the most powerful Jedi of his time. If Yoda wasn’t the strongest Force user in the Jedi Order’s history, he ranked the strongest. 

Comparing Yoda to all Force users that include Jedi, Grays, and Sith, you can make a fair argument that Sheev Palpatine rivaled and perhaps eclipsed Yoda in the Force. 

While Yoda understood the dark side to the point he knew how both sides complemented one another, the Jedi Grand Master still failed to see the dark side right in front of him. 

This is a testament to Palpatine’s ability to use the Force Stealth maneuver while simultaneously diverting Yoda’s and the rest of the Jedi Order’s attention elsewhere. 

It’s easy to claim Yoda was the strongest Force user in the Prequel Trilogy among the Jedi. But since the Jedi Order fell under Yoda’s leadership, it’s also logical to say Palpatine, not Yoda, was the strongest Force user. 


Yoda hit his prime when he gained Jedi Master status in 800 BBY, and he remained in his prime when the High Republic Era rolled around in 300 BBY. 

It’s tough to say how strong Yoda was in his prime. But if the Prequel Trilogy gives us any indication of Yoda’s strength, it’s safe to say no other Jedi came close in wielding the Force or lightsaber dueling. 

And even past his prime, Yoda was still regarded as the strongest Force user in the Jedi Order. However, given Palpatine’s rise to power, it’s also safe to believe Yoda was not the strongest Force user in the galaxy. 

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