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[Review] Comparing Parks Sabers vs. Ultrasabers

There are many companies that specialize in creating customizable lightsabers.

Just like a true Jedi Knight, there’s something satisfying and special about creating a unique and personal saber.

While Ultrasabers is familiar, I’ve only recently heard of Parks Sabers but it has been an active company in 1993.

If you’re contemplating purchasing from Parks Sabers, you can definitely benefit from the information below.

Star Wars

Parks Sabers

Back in the early 2000’s Parks Sabers was popular. Products included empty hilts, electroluminescent sabers, and Phase sabers.

The company is still active today but there seem to be some limitations to their products in comparison to other companies.

Specifically, back in 2017, the company decided to only put empty hilts up for sale.

SaberSourcing from Youtube gives a review and background of the company.

Parks Sabers: Custom Saber Maker Since 1993 | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Empty Hilts

In comparison to other companies like Ultrasabers, there is definitely a huge drawback to strictly selling hilts only.

If you’re new to customizable sabers, empty hilts are basically just the hilt chassis without most of the electronics like the soundboard.

It does, however, come with the blade and the LED lights. The LED colors include blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow.

Therefore, if you lack experience and knowledge on how to build a full and functional saber, you’re sure to run into some trouble.

In comparison, those who are more knowledgeable can be more confident in purchasing and assembling multiple parts from various sources such as Parks Sabers.

Considering that most new buyers might have limited knowledge on how to make their own sabers, it’s definitely more practical to just get a full saber.

This is why companies like Ultrasabers, Saberforge, and Vader’s Vault are increasing in popularity.

If you’re planning to build your own lightsaber, you can definitely purchase a hilt from Park Sabers and then buy the other parts from different companies instead.

You can learn more about the process in this video:

Saber Forge ASP Assembly

Nevertheless, because of the quality of Park Sabers’ hilts, their name still stays afloat despite their limitations.

Many of their past customers rave about how their hilts are built well and are of excellent quality.

Available Hilts

On the official website, 9 hilt types are available and a stand can be purchased if you want to display the product.

The designs are promising and beautifully made.

Here’s a list of the available:

  • Crossguard
  • DV6
  • Graflex 2.0/2.5
  • Graflex Reveal
  • Gullwing
  • K 1 & 2

After watching the Youtube review of “Cosplay Time,” on the Graflex hilt, I can say that I am convinced when it comes to the hilt quality.

However, the main drawback is definitely the shipping time since it can take months.

Parksabers ESB Graflex Review


Ultrasabers is one of the most popular lightsaber companies today. This article is more detailed but you can read some of the main features below.

If you’re intimidated when it comes to building your own lightsaber or if it’s your first time, Ultrasabers is the better choice for you.

They have everything available on their website so it won’t be troublesome to search for all the parts.

What they offer

  • Blades
  • Accessories
  • Parts & supplies
  • Staff couplers
  • Emitters
  • Lightsaber bodies
  • Empty complete hilt
  • Claws
  • Pommels
  • Electronics
  • Sound components

It’s terrific to know that they don’t only offer single-bladed lightsabers, but also double-bladed sabers.

They have a special offer called “deal of the day”, which is basically like a special sale where you can save a few bucks.

You’ll notice on their website that they showcase various blade colors. This includes violet amethyst, blazing red, consular green, guardian blue, Sunrider’s destiny, fire orange, arctic blue, and Adegan silver.

Unlike the Parks Sabers, the Ultrasabers products have sound effects and flash on clash. This makes it more interactive and accurate to the lightsaber from the movies.

Ultrasabers also include a warranty and return policy. In addition, the website is Shopper Approved so anyone can view reviews from real customers.

The video haul by Kevin Bustamante on Youtube features several products from Ultrasabers.

FINAL ULTRASABERS UNBOXING (On my $1800 Christmas lightsaber haul)

Other Companies

At the end of the day, if Parks Sabers and Ultrasabers aren’t up your speed, you might want to consider other companies.

You can read more about the top lightsaber companies in this post.

2 of the best lightsaber makers

Top custom lightsaber websites


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Final Verdict

Overall, there are no strict rules for creating your own custom lightsabers. It just takes some familiarity with the components, basic soldering skills, and creativity.

Whatever company or process you choose, making your own lightsaber is no different from how Jedi’s do it. It all depends on you and no 2 sabers are ever the same.


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  1. Ultrasabers is years out dated in the electronics area, they have some pretty serious customer service issues too. If you’re going to spend $500 on a custom lightsaber you should check out saberforge, korbanth and Vaders vault. You can join a FB lightsaber page and ask about custom builds that many skilled builders have created. May the force be with you!


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