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How To Fix A Toy Lightsaber? 7 Simple Instructions

Lightsaber replicas and toys are extremely popular among fans these days.

With new Star Wars movies coming out, I’m definite that more and more people will want to purchase their own laser sword.

If you’re planning to do so, I would definitely suggest reading this article on the best lightsaber replicas and toys.

In case there’s something wrong with your saber, the following steps can help you troubleshoot and solve the issues.

Star Wars

1. Warranty

Before you crack open your lightsaber and try to tinker with it, remember if it came with a warranty.

If your purchase came with a warranty and it’s still in effect, you should definitely take advantage of that.

Also, if the lightsaber is relatively new and it was damaged when it came in the mail, it’s important that you contact the sellers or the company immediately.

You might want to get it refunded or exchanged instead.

2. Determine the issue

An electronic toy such as this one will have many possible problems.

You might be surprised that one simple wiring issue can affect the sound, lights, or even motion sensitivity.

The two main parts are the hilt and the blade. While any damage can be easier to identify on the blade, the hilt can be more complex.

If the issue only requires simple electronic repairs, you can surely do it. For instance, if there is a loose wire, it can be dealt with simple soldering.

However, if the issue is more complex, it might be beyond repair and require replacement. Otherwise, you could look into repair services from the sellers or other repairmen.

3. Check the batteries!

This might be a no brainer but you might want to double-check the batteries. Be sure they aren’t drained, or put in the wrong direction.

If you’re using rechargeable batteries, don’t mix them in with non-rechargeable ones.

Make sure that you use the same kinds of batteries together if you want to avoid some serious damage to your saber.

In addition, if the batteries are drained, don’t leave them in the battery compartment for too long. It’s best to remove them immediately.

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4. Battery and wiring

Now that you’ve checked the batteries and you’re sure they’re powered and correctly placed, it’s bound to turn on. If not, it could be the wiring to the battery holder.

Inspect the wires if they are securely attached. You should be able to solder the wire easily in place. Children are supposed to have an adult do this for them.

It’s the same for loose wiring for sound and light. If the wire is not attached or is loosely hanging on, you can secure them by soldering them back on.

5. Power switch

Has it still not turned on? It could be the power switch.

With such an interactive toy, this is bound to happen. It just shows how beloved and well used the lightsaber is.

However, if the switch is completely damaged, you’ll have to order a hilt replacement instead. Again, remember to get one with a warranty and a return policy.

Once you get your new hilt, make sure to double-check it for any issues. This time around, caring and maintaining it would be helpful in prolonging the life of the hilt.

6. Damaged blades

While getting a heavy-duty blade can last longer, it’s still going to receive damage especially if you use it for some serious duels. In some cases, some blades completely snap, break, crack, or bend.

Even though these toys are made from safe materials, once the blade breaks, shards could be produced. If you aren’t careful or mindful about replacing the blades, you could really hurt yourself!

The thing to keep in mind is that you need to frequently examine your blades. At any point the blade is damaged, you need to replace them immediately.

Again, take into consideration how intensely you plan to use these blades. Depending on the brand, there are different grades, from lightweight to heavy-duty.

How to Repair a Lightsaber (6.28.2017)

7. Getting an expert help

For issues that are beyond your understanding or capability, it’s wise to get an expert to take a look at your saber. Of course, an additional fee will have to be paid for their good services!

In order to avoid any further damage that can be incurred by inexperienced tinkering, you’d best tune out the urge to fiddle with its electronics.

If you accidentally damage something beyond repair, you’ll have to buy a new saber which is more costly.

Some of these companies offer repairs. You can check out the following links to find out more about each company’s repair system:

  • Saberforge – If you bought your lightsaber from Saberforge, follow the link and they will give you instructions on how to apply for repairs.
  • LDMcustomsabers – While it isn’t clear whether they do repairs on any brand, I did come across a forum where somebody suggested LDMcustomsabers for repairs.
  • Ultrasabers – as long as the 1-year warranty is still valid, you can contact them for issues covered.
  • The Custom Saber Shop – According to one article I’ve read, this company not only offers lightsaber parts, but they also offer repairs.

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