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[Review] Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber – Luke Skywalker

[Review] Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber – Luke Skywalker

Review of Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber – Luke SkywalkerDesign: Looks just like the lightsabers in the movies. Light and sound effects also add to its authenticity.

Value for Money: Quite expensive for a plastic saber.

Durability: Hilt is made of plastic instead of aluminum. Can be used for dueling, but heavy dueling may damage it.

Overall: Not the best lightsaber for dueling but a great authentic looking and feeling lightsaber.

What We Like

  • Almost identical in appearance with the movie lightsaber
  • Very bright and loud lightsaber
  • Lots of sound effects including unsheathing, idle humming, swooshing, and clashing
  • Lots of light effects including unsheathing, sheathing, and clashing

What We Don’t Like

  • Hilt is made of plastic instead of aluminum
  • Can’t withstand heavy dueling
  • Not the most affordable lightsaber

For those searching for a near-identical lightsaber to those in the movies, this is the perfect lightsaber. It not only looks the same, but it also has the light and sounds from the movie as well. Unfortunately, for those who enjoy lightsaber dueling, this lightsaber isn’t the most durable.


Present the Product

Of all the heroes in the Star Wars universe, no one is quite as important as Luke Skywalker. The protagonist of the original series, everyone knows and admires this Jedi knight. It’s no wonder then, that his lightsaber is one of the most sought-after today.

Luke Skywalker wielded a simple single-bladed lightsaber. Nonetheless, its design is one that you can recognize right away. Its flashy green glow is one of the things that captivated audiences way back in 1977.

The Ultimate FX Lightsaber – Luke Skywalker edition was made to replicate this lightsaber as closely as possible. Everything from the bottom of the hilt to the tip of the blade looks just like the lightsaber in the movies. With this lightsaber in your hands, you’re going to feel as if Skywalker himself passed it on to you.

Who is this Product For?

This product is perfect for everyone who is an avid fan of Star Wars. It is particularly made for those who have Luke Skywalker as their idol. This lightsaber gives them the perfect chance to feel like the Jedi knight as he battled the Evil Galactic Empire.

It is a toy that everyone at any age can enjoy. For adults, this is the perfect lightsaber for collecting. For kids and kids-at-heart, this is good enough for light duels.

It has to be said though that this is not for people looking to get heavy duels in. If you want a lightsaber to battle with your friends, this is not your best option. Its build was not made to take a beating.

But it looks very authentic. This makes the Ultimate FX Lightsaber great for fan films and cosplays. Again, it’s hard to tell the difference between this toy and Luke’s actual lightsaber.

What’s Included?

Luke Skywalker ROTJ Ultimate FX Lightsaber Review

The Ultimate FX Lightsaber comes in a decorative box that allows you to test it without opening. The lightsaber is already complete, so you won’t have to assemble anything when you get it.

This lightsaber needs three double-A batteries to run. The good news is that these three batteries come with the saber itself. That’s why you can enjoy your saber the moment it arrives at your door.

Overview of Features

Aside from looking exactly like Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, what else does the Ultimate FX Lightsaber have to offer? Let’s have a closer look at this saber from the bottom of the hilt to the tip of the blade.

The hilt is beautifully designed. Although it is plastic, you won’t be able to tell until you grasp it. It is made in such a way that it looks like solid metal.

The hilt comes with a few decorative buttons. These have no function but were added there to make it look like the real thing. But there is one big button that works, and that is the power button. Press this button, and the lightsaber will light up and give off its husky low hum.

At the bottom of the hilt is the speaker. The design is so subtle, it’s not easy to tell that it is a speaker. Instead, you’ll feel as if the sound is emanating from the blade itself.

Moving on to the blade, it is made from hard plastic. Because it is hard plastic, this allows you to play around with it, and even to hit things.

The best part of the blade has to be its lights. The inside of the blade is lined with LED lights. This makes the blade shine so bright, and also allows the amazing turning on and off effect.

These lights also flicker when you hit something, giving it a clashing effect. However, you’ll want to be careful with this. Heavy hits may damage the LED lights lining the blade.


When you get your Ultimate FX Lightsaber, you can play with it right away! All you need to do is unbox it, press the button, and your lightsaber will be ready to go.

There are two switches in this lightsaber, one to turn it on and one to activate it. Below the big activation button, there is a smaller switch with three options. These are off, display, and on. Put the switch on “on” to enjoy the full lightsaber experience. To activate the blade, simply press the big activation button in the center of the hilt.


If you’re looking for a Luke Skywalker lightsaber that is fit for dueling, you can check out YDD Jedi Sith LED Light Saber.

YDDSABER LED Light Up Saber Force Lightsaber Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound Hight Light with FOC, Metal Hilt Light Sword ,...
  • Our Advantage: The lightsaber has Blaster sound and flash on clash, support dueling. Manufacturers direct sale.
  • Smooth Handle+Removable Blade: Handle is made of aluminum alloy. Blade material is high quality poly carbonate. Blade need total length about 95 cm after assembly.
  • FX Movie Sound: When saber is off long press to change sound fonts.The saber has one sound font plus mute.Support heavy dueling.

This is a saber that was made for heavy dueling. No matter how hard of a beating you give it, you can be sure that it will stay strong.

However, this lightsaber doesn’t resemble the ones in the movies as much as the Ultimate FX one does. Despite that, it is a much better option for those who want to fight with their lightsabers.


For every Star Wars fan, having a good lightsaber toy is a must. And when it comes to replicas, few are better than the Ultimate FX Lightsaber – Luke Skywalker edition. When you hold this lightsaber, you’ll be transported right into the Star Wars universe.