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If not for the elegant and flashy lightsaber, the Star Wars franchise may never have gotten the fame and acclaim it enjoys today. This makes the lightsaber truly special, an iconic instrument in the history of movies and television.

There are many things that make the lightsaber a remarkable weapon. One of them is its elegance. The saber is not a random gun, a clumsy blaster, or a heavy battle-ax.

The lightsaber is also noteworthy because of how it fits its wielder’s hand and heart. Thus cruelty and greed can be envisioned in the weapons of the Dark Side, and purity in those of the Jedi Order. The lightsaber is a personal thing, built by the wielder himself and fitting closely with his fighting style and needs.

Surprisingly, the first lightsabers were created by members of the Dark Side. The first sabers, called forcesabers, were essentially dark energy channeled into a hilt and sparking off as a blade. If a Jedi were to use this forcesaber, he would immediately turn over to the Dark Side.

Discovering the power of the forcesaber, the Jedi decided to create a version of it for the Light Side of the Force. Thus, the first lightsaber emerged.

There is so much to say about the lightsaber, but a final remarkable thing about it is its beauty. Throughout the Star Wars franchise, there are a number of stunning and unique lightsabers that fans cannot get their eyes off from. Since this topic sparks off some interest, here are 10 of the most unique lightsabers in the Star Wars.

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10. Luke Skywalker’s Green Lightsaber

When Luke lost his original blue lightsaber on Cloud City, he came back in Return of the Jedi wielding a luminous green one. According to lore, he crafted this lightsaber to resemble Obi-Wan Kenobi’s.

In Return of the Jedi, Luke was a budding new fighter looking forward to fully honing his skills with the lightsaber. The gorgeous green blade he created surely fit his style. With a sleek hilt featuring a row of stylish silver rings, it allowed him the versatility he needed for more advanced moves and acrobatic endeavors.

Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader (Whole Fight)

9. Darth Vader’s Lightsaber

There isn’t much that is remarkable about Vader’s red lightsaber except that it is the first red lightsaber to show up in a Star Wars film. This in itself makes the saber unique and noteworthy.

But looking closely at Darth Vader’s saber, one can see why it sparked up the interest and intrigue of so many fans across the world. The deep red glow looks vicious against the thick black hilt. Against Vader’s heavy, sinister suit, the opening up of the crimson blade is a thing to watch for.

Darth Vader's rage | Star Wars: Rogue One [Ending scene]

8. Yoda’s Shoto Lightsaber

When Yoda appeared in the first Star Wars trilogy, he was perceived as an ancient and wise monk-like creature. He seemed frail and paper-thin, filled with words of wisdom but maybe not so many battle skills.

However, Yoda got the chance to show what he was made of in Attack of the Clones. The first time he pulled out his lightsaber against Count Dooku, he made a mark that forever changed him in the eyes of viewers.

Yoda’s lightsaber is green, but it is not in its color that it is remarkable. The saber is unique because it is the first Shoto saber ever shown in any Star Wars film. As fans already know, a Shoto saber is a smaller version of the lightsaber made for combatants of short stature.

7. Luke Skywalker’s Blue Lightsaber

Like Darth Vader’s red lightsaber, Luke’s blue one is unique because it is the first-ever lightsaber to ever erupt into light and sound in the history of television. When Luke first pressed the button on the saber’s silver hilt and released the electric blue blade, the Star Wars franchise made its first step into decades-long fame.

But there are other reasons why Luke’s blue lightsaber is unique. One thing to note about it is that it is present in all three Star Wars trilogies. Anakin uses it to kill the Jedi in Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan Kenobi gives it to Luke in A New Hope, and Rey finds it in Maz’s treasure trove in The Force Awakens.

[ANH] "Your Father's Lightsaber" (HD)

6. Darth Sidious’ Secret Lightsaber

Just like Yoda, Darth Sidious (or Emperor Palpatine) first appeared as a decrepit old man with a wizened face and hands. Bundled into a thick black cloak, he looked far from a battle-savvy fighter with any lightsaber skills to speak off.

But once again that changed when the prequel trilogy was released. In Revenge of the Sith, for example, Darth Sidious jumped into action with haunting cries, flying leaps, and savage lightsaber finesse.

Darth Sidious’ blade is an ornate and beautiful killing machine. Its hilt is pale and inlaid lavishly with amber-colored gold.

One thing to mark about it is how cruel it looks. The deep crimson of the blade reflects a greedy, brutal, avaricious nature. The little nub shaped like a horn at the pummel shows the curving, wicked cruelty of the Sith in general.

5. The Guards’ Weapons in Snoke’s Throne Room

Technically, the guards of Snoke’s throne room didn’t wield lightsabers. Their weapons were differently-styled and more intricately designed.

But their utter beauty and uniqueness certainly deserve mention.

The best of these weapons is a whip-like piece with a handle at the tip. The red plasma is flexible and fluid, splintering through the air just like a whip would. However, with a flick of the weapon the glowing red whip can turn solid and act just like a short sword.

The other two weapons used by the guards are red plasma battleaxes and short staffs with small luminous blades at the tips. Taken with the scarlet glow of the throne room, the effect these weapons produce is sinister, vibrant, and haunting.

Kylo kills Supreme Leader Snoke - The Last Jedi Throne Room Scene

4. Count Dooku’s Pistol-Handled Lightsaber

Count Dooku is a character to contend with. His icy demeanor and unobtrusive superiority make him a legendary Star Wars villain.

As remarkable as the count himself is the weapon he uses. Although it looks just like any Sith weapon at the outset, exploring it further exposes deeper and more intricate details that make it unique.

One thing to note is the weapon’s hilt. It is no ordinary hilt, but a smooth, curving one that is like a pistol’s handle. It is a perfect weapon for the refined, elegant, quietly cruel character that is Count Dooku. Also, the curved hilt puts the saber at a slightly different angle from other sabers, making it difficult and confusing for other duelists to contend with.

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3. Kylo Ren’s Cross-Barred Lightsaber

One thing that fans always look forward to with the coming release of a new Star Wars movie is new and surprising lightsabers.

And Kylo Ren’s weapon certainly does not disappoint when it comes to uniqueness.

Featuring a blazing, crackling cross-guarded hilt, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is the first of its kind. But its aesthetics make up only one reason why it is so different from other lightsabers.

There is a story behind Ren’s lightsaber. It is said to have been a homemade saber with a damaged kyber crystal as its power source. When turned on, the blade tended to overheat, which is why Ren created the vents at the hilt.

The saber itself is a ferocious weapon. It has a crackling sound that seems to crumple the air around it. When swung through the air in battle, it blazes an extravagantly luminous hot red.

2. Darth Maul’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Darth Maul certainly made his own mark in the Star Wars universe. For many fans disappointed with the prequel trilogy, he was a breath of fresh air and a promise of exciting possibilities to come.

What makes Maul stand out, aside from his heavily tattoed red face and loose black robe, is his lightsaber. Fans can definitely remember the moment the head of the other blade of his double-bladed lightsaber came gliding out!

Maul’s lightsaber is a thing of beauty. With a hilt decorated with glinting buttons, it already is something to look at. But when Maul swishes and twirls the dual blades in the air, he pulls his lightsaber higher up in the list of the most unique in the whole franchise.

Obi Wan & Qui Gon Ginn Vs Darth Maul HD 1080p

1. Mace Windu’s Purple-Bladed Lightsaber

Since the best must be saved for last, we have reserved Mace Windu’s purple-bladed lightsaber for this final description.

Windu’s blade is the only purple one in the whole Star Wars universe. It has a lovely amethyst shade to it which is often highlighted by the other more common lightsaber colors around it.

Windu’s lightsaber also has a special story behind it. It is said that the young Jedi felt confused, unable to form his own lightsaber from the more common blue and green kyber crystals he had to work with. In his dreams, he kept envisioning himself crafting the saber he was meant to wield.

As a test, Windu asked to be left by himself on the planet Hurikane. There, he helped the inhabitants and was gifted a beautiful purple kyber crystal. Following the path of his dreams, he then used this crystal to create the most beautiful lightsaber we have ever seen in Star Wars.

Without lightsabers, the Star Wars franchise might have fallen flat on its face. But through the help of these 10 spectacular blades, it has made its indelible mark in history.

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