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What Is The Strongest Color Of Lightsaber?

What Is The Strongest Color Of Lightsaber?

We all know that weapons come in a wide array of colors, sizes, and strengths. As might be expected, lightsabers are no different.

Raging from a double-bladed lightsaber to a regular single blade, lightsabers are a diverse weapon. They, too, vary in color, and that is not a coincidence. In the Star Wars universe, the color of the lightsaber is a strong indicator of the wielder’s position in the Force.

Whether they are a Jedi, a Sith, or simply floating in between the two opposing side, the color of the blade they use is unique to them.

Just as every individual has their own personal strength, so do lightsabers.

So, what color of the lightsaber is the strongest?

Keep reading as we look into the strength threshold of the lightsabers.

What Is the Strongest Color of Lightsaber?

Whilst all colors are strong in their own rights but just as with anything else there is a hierarchy.

This is a loaded question, as there are two ends of the spectrum. There is the strongest of the “good guy,” the Jedi, sabers. This is the purple lightsaber.

Then there is also the strongest of the “bad guy,” the Sith, sabers. This one is the black lightsaber, affectionately known as the “Darksaber.” Quite frankly, this lightsaber has been known to be the strongest overall. 

Mandalorian Din Djarin with the Darksaber

The Darksaber is similar to a black hole in the regular laws of universal physics. A black hole is so powerful that light cannot escape it. Thus, the black hue. The Darksaber can be thought of in the same way.

The Darksaber, just like everything else in Star Wars, has a strong tie to the emotional state of the wielder. It requires an immensely powerful level of negative emotions to develop into the black blade.

That, in and of itself, allows for it to be extremely powerful depending on the user’s emotional state. 

Is Purple the Strongest Lightsaber?

purple lightsaber in Star Wars universe

The purple lightsaber is known to be the strongest on the side of the Jedi. Purple lightsabers are actually relatively rare in the Star Wars universe.

They are particularly unique because they are known to be affiliated with both the light and dark side of the Force. Thus, the purple hue, as the red of the dark side and the blue of the light side mix.

This lightsaber is considered the strongest because it allows the Jedi Knights displaying it to make travel between both the dark and light sides.

This lightsaber allows Jedi to use it to experience emotions they otherwise could not have because they would have infringed on their Jedi Code. 

The power and world of opportunity that the purple lightsaber grants to its operator that are not otherwise available. 

What Color Is the Weakest Lightsaber?

red lightsaber in Star Wars

As cool as it may seem and look, the red lightsaber is actually the weakest. 

This is in great contrast to decades of Star Wars lore. It was assumed that the red lightsabers used solely by the Sith would be powerful. Many Star Wars fans thought it would offer the Sith greater protection against their adversaries. 

This was an understandable assumption, but unfortunately, that was wrong.

The red lightsaber is actually the weakest in the Star Wars franchise. When given some thought, this actually makes sense. 

The only way the Sith could attain the kyber crystal needed to make the red lightsaber, they must steal it or defeat a Jedi and take it post-battle.

They must then “bleed” the crystal and then fill it with negative emotions from the dark side of the Force. 

So, in theory, once the crystal has been bled and filled with all this negativity, it loses its integrity. Thus, it becomes weak and is not able to be as effective as the Sith may have hoped. 

What Is the Rarest Saber Color?

bronze lightsaber

Now, we’ve spoken about the strongest and the weakest, but what is the rarest lightsaber color in Star Wars history?

Star Wars has had a few rare colors added to the arsenal of basic colors. The more known rare lightsaber colors are white and black. But the rarest of them all has to be the bronze lightsaber

Chewbacca’s nephew, Lowbacca, A Wookie Jedi Knight, made himself a bronze-bladed lightsaber. He was able to craft this outstandingly gorgeous weapon out of a focus lens and an enhancement jewel he found in the Great Temple. 

As a matter of fact, the enhancement jewel was used in place of the kyber crystal originally used to make the lightsaber. Needless to say, it is certainly one of a kind.


The lightsaber color’s strengths, of course, determine the power that it holds. It isn’t in the way you may think, however. 

The color of the blades is determined by the wielder using them. Hence, the lightsaber color’s strength will be enhanced by the person who owns it.

The power is not in the colors of the lightsabers themselves but in the wielders.

In fact, even the rarity of the lightsaber colors is solely dependent on the person who is responsible for that particular lightsaber.

Because the lightsabers themselves are not inherently powerful, it opens a world of possibility for the Jedi Knights and Sith using them.