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Why Can’t Grogu Speak?

Why Can’t Grogu Speak?

The real question is: When will Grogu begin speaking?

Let’s start with what we know. Grogu is fifty years old, strong in the Force, he eats frogs and eggs, he knows his name, and is able to make infant-sounding noises.

We’ll be focusing on three things as we dive into what we know about our favorite little green alien and discuss if Din Darjan may be part of the problem?

Does Baby Yoda Ever Speak?

He hasn’t formed words yet, but we know he can communicate using the Force. He’s smart enough to recognize his name and seems excited when Din Darjan says it.

Baby Yoda meets Ahsoka Tano
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There’s also the possibility that he’s speaking an alien language, but we haven’t seen anyone attempt to translate it yet. Finally, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan, revealed a shocking (but not unexpected) truth.

That Grogu could use the Force to “talk” to her and anyone else who uses the Force. Ahsoka also informs us that Grogu can understand what everyone around him is saying, to a certain degree.

Though his understanding isn’t perfect, Grogu understands Din Djarin. He just doesn’t obey him all the time.

Does Baby Yoda Ever Speak In The Mandalorian?

So far, he hasn’t. But new seasons are coming, and we can always hope Grogu will start talking in a new episode soon.

The closest he gets to speaking is when he’s using the Force to talk to Ahsoka Tano. We have to remember that Yoda’s species ages at a prolonged rate.

Grogu might start talking a few simple words like most babies towards the end of the Mandalorian. But it’s doubtful that he’ll form whole sentences anytime soon.

Why Can’t Baby Yoda Speak?

This section will only have theories as George Lucas wanted details about Yoda’s species to be kept under wraps.

Film Theory: The Problem with Baby Yoda (Star Wars: The Mandalorian)

Therefore, please take this with a grain of salt. But, again, we are going back to Grogu’s age and what little we know.

It’s safe to say that Grogu is a toddler. Nevertheless, he can walk, has decent motor skills, he can fly a ship, form his own opinions and has the ability to act on them.

We see Grogu choose to save Din Djarin in the fight with the Mudhorn. This shows that Grogu has the ability to pay attention to his surroundings and act accordingly.

He just hasn’t reached the point where he himself can speak. This next concept is mostly theory with some real-life science thrown in.

At the start of this article, I said that Din Djarin might be one of the reasons why Grogu isn’t speaking. I believe it’s because of his Mandalorian mask.

Babies learn how to speak by listening and watching the people around them. Namely their parents and family.

The first thing a fetus hears is its mother’s heartbeat, and it’s been argued that it can hear things outside of the womb.

So, why might Mando be part of the problem?

Because Grogu sees him as a father figure, and even though he can understand what he’s saying, being unable to see Din’s mouth form the words could affect his progress. I know it’s not perfect, but it makes sense to me.

What Might Baby Yoda’s First Words Be?

Baby Yoda

Probably “papa” or “Mando.”

We don’t know if Grogu ever saw his parents, but it stands to reason that he would call Din his father. “Frog” or “ball” would be right up there since he loves them as well.

Would Grogu Talk Like Yoda?

The language we hear on screen is Galactic Basic (or English). I’ll link two videos that will better explain it.

During the main trilogy, Yoda would often speak in a riddle-like way, but there were times during the prequels where he spoke more normally.

George Lucas Explains Why Yoda Talks Backwards

This suggests that Yoda was fluent in Galactic Basic, but he chose to speak differently. He always got to the point, but he would let humor color his sentences whenever he pleased.

A language expert explains how Baby Yoda will speak


The mysteries surrounding Grogu increase every time we see him. Questions such as: Will he speak like Yoda when he finally does? Or will he speak Galactic Basic? What planet was he born on? and why does he like to eat frogs so much?

This is proof that Star Wars hasn’t peaked yet. We can still look forward to new projects and experiences from a galaxy far, far away.

Here’s hoping we’ll get more answers soon. Thank you for reading, and remember, the Force is with you.

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