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Will We Ever Get a Darth Vader Movie?

Will We Ever Get a Darth Vader Movie?

With the return of Hayden Christiansen as Darth Vader in the new Disney+ series Kenobi, it seems as if the franchise is breathing new life into the previously deceased character. This has made fans wonder if Disney will launch a new Vader-centered movie soon.

Darth Vader is, in many ways, the centerpiece of the first six Star Wars films. His mere presence on the big screen struck fear into the hearts of fans and money into the pockets of the companies involved with producing the movies.

Even though Darth Vader’s character died in the original Star Wars trilogy, he was given an origin story in the prequels. Despite the prequels filling in the gaps of Star Wars canon, he was given new life in Rogue One. And now, he’s been brought back for Kenobi.

With Obi-Wan and Boba Fett getting their own spin-off series, Disney is making moves to increase the amount of Star Wars content in new ways. They show no signs of slowing down.

Obi-Wan Kenobi | Official Trailer | Disney+
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This begs the question, will Darth Vader star in a new movie? If the trend continues, will Disney keep producing more Darth Vader content?

To give a quick answer, there are no concrete plans for a Vader movie at the moment, but rumors are circulating that it could be on the horizon very soon.

Keep reading to find out more about Darth Vader, Hayden Christiansen, and Disney’s future plans for the franchise. 

What Would a Darth Vader Movie Be About?

While some fans think that Vader’s storyline was completed in the first six Star Wars movies, others keep hoping for new Vader content. It’s only natural, as Darth Vader is a fan-favorite and one of the most popular movie characters in history.

Darth Vader's Entire Timeline Explained

However, continuing the story for too long or rushing the project could result in fans losing their fondness of Vader and becoming disinterested in the franchise as a whole. Given its importance, it makes sense that Disney is treading lightly.

Despite any risks to the franchise, fans still speculate that Disney will release more Vader content soon, especially content involving the 19-year gap in time between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

This is an area of Anakin Skywalker’s life that we haven’t seen much of, probably because it’s a dark and mysterious time that may prove to be more depressing than fans are ready for. 

However, some theories suggest that if Disney were to make a movie, it would focus on this period of Anakin’s life.

Some fans have already embraced this theory and made their own trailer in the hopes that it may spark the plans for a new movie. 

Lord Vader: A Star Wars Story (2025) - Teaser Trailer Concept "The Rise of Darth Vader"

Since the Kenobi series already touched on this area of Anakin’s life and the rise of the Empire, it’s not out of the question to think that Disney may make a full-blown movie about it. Despite the rumors, nothing is confirmed yet.

Will James Earl Jones Always Voice Darth Vader?

James Earl Jones’ voice has become synonymous with Darth Vader since he’s always voiced him in the movies. Some would argue that without Jones, there is no Vader.

However, James Earl Jones is getting older. As of right now, he’s currently 91 years old. It’s fair to say he won’t be able to voice Vader forever, even if he wanted to.

James Earl Jones Darth Vader - Behind the Voice

However, modern technology has plenty of tricks to make cinema magic happen. Star Wars VFX artists have already worked with de-aging technology, digital facial reconstruction, and even voice-related tech to make synthetic replications of real characters.

For example, Luke Skywalker was reanimated and had his voice synthesized in The Mandalorian. This was all done without Mark Hamill, and Luke’s character was entirely computer animated.

Since these actions are possible, it’s fair to assume Disney would do the same with Darth Vader if and when the time comes for it. Until then, let’s hope that Jones lives a long and full life.

Will Hayden Christiansen Continue to Play Darth Vader?

After returning to the franchise to reclaim his role as Anakin Skywalker, Hayden Christiansen dealt with plenty of press about the future of his character.

Much to the excitement of fans, Christiansen said that, “There are so many other stories that have been told in these other mediums, and I would love to get to continue my journey with him.”

This implies that in addition to Kenobi, Christiansen would even consider staying on as Darth Vader for future spin-off shows and movies. 

Rumors have already started spreading that he may return as Vader for the Ahsoka series that’s currently in production.

While nothing has been confirmed, fans remain optimistic. Many think he even deserves his own standalone film, not just a spin-off show.

All things considered, it seems plausible that if and when Disney decides to produce any new Darth Vader-related content, Christiansen will be up to the task of playing the character.


Vader’s life is a heartbreaking story, one which caught the attention of fans around the world. As long as Star Wars exists, it exists as an extension of Anakin Skywalker himself.

The first six movies, in a way, were all Darth Vader movies. They all centered around Anakin and his destiny to bring balance to the Force.

Even though Vader dies in Return of the Jedi, his character lives on in the hearts of fans and in the spirit of the franchise itself. No amount of future Disney content could ever take that away.

Whether or not Disney decides to make a new Darth Vader series, Vader and all his actors will always remain a crucial part of the Star Wars saga.

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