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Are Grey Jedi Bad Jedi?

Are Grey Jedi Bad Jedi?

This is a tricky one because the term, Gray Jedi is often used to describe Jedi who completed their training, but for various reasons don’t obey the Jedi High Council.

Qui-Gon Jinn has been called a Gray Jedi, but no one would consider him to be bad, just stubborn. 

Who Are Gray Jedi?

The term has been around Star Wars for a while, but it can be confusing to truly label a Jedi as Gray for two reasons.

The first is when the Jedi High Council (and sometimes even the Sith will call them that), describes a Jedi who’s misguided but not fallen to the Dark Side.

The second is when a Jedi (or in some cases any Force user), calls themselves as such. In episode one, The Phantom Menace, (1999). Obi-Wan Kenobi argues with Qui-Gon Jinn, stating that his master would be on the Council if he followed the Code and stopped clashing with the Council.

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Qui-Gon Jinn simply tells him that he has much to learn. Another more recent Jedi who fits this description is Ahsoka Tano.

Ahsoka Tano with her lightsabers

After being falsely accused of murder charges and attacking the Jedi Temple, Ahsoka would eventually leave the Order behind, (though she does come back to help and is still highly respected by some of the clone troopers).

In her duel against Darth Vader, (before she saw he was also Anakin Skywalker her former master), Ahsoka told him that she wasn’t a Jedi. So, she at least has no problem letting her anger show during the duel.

Are Gray Jedi Bad Jedi?

Gray Jedi walk the line between both sides of the Force and many use Dark Side techniques, but not all of them do this. Some beings even deny being Gray Jedi despite being called so by others.

The best way to explain this is to make a table but this is, by far, not the only source to consider. (Especially since Disney doesn’t use the term).

Gray Jedi Code

Jedi Code

There must be both Dark and Light

There is no emotion, there is peace

I will do what I must to keep the balance, as the balance is what holds all life

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge

There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish

There is no passion, there is serenity

There is passion, yet peace

There is no chaos, there is harmony

Serenity, yet emotion

There is no death, there is the Force

Chaos, yet order


I am a wielder of flame; a champion of balance


I am a guardian of life

I am a Gray Jedi  

The codes differ, but the Gray Jedi also agree with the Jedi High Council when it comes to the Dark side. It’s necessary, but can’t be allowed to overtake the Light. (There is no official version of the Gray Jedi code, as it was written by many guest writers).

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Are Gray Jedi The True Jedi?

This is possibly one of the biggest debates of the fans and is left open to interpretation. Mine is no.

Though the Gray Jedi often use both sides, they also deny several key things that both the Jedi and the Sith agree on. The Gray Jedi believe that the Force isn’t divided.

Yet they also say the Dark can’t flourish? They also believe they are the true masters of the Force and that both the Jedi and the Sith are in the wrong.

The Gray Jedi have looser conduct and unlike the other groups, the Gray Jedi don’t have any kind of hierarchy. The only confirmed true Gray Jedi exist in legends, (we almost got a kind of Gray Jedi order in episode nine, but sadly the script was rewritten).

Are Gray Jedi More Powerful Than Other Jedi?

This depends on the Jedi. Some on the Council claim that certain Gray Jedi are even worse than the Sith.

But due to zero concrete information, this remains up to the fans. Qui-Gon Jinn was called a Gray Jedi, yet he fell to Darth Maul. 

A Sith Lord who came back and became a thorn in the galaxy’s side. I believe many of the Gray Jedi can hold their own against their counterparts. 

If a Jedi became disillusioned, yet chose to return to the Jedi Order. They would be welcomed back.

A final thing to note here is that the Jedi understand, (and sometimes feared), the Gray Jedi. They believed that some groups of Gray Jedi would become dangerous, yet due to their code, the Jedi couldn’t do anything against them.

The GREY JEDI The Jedi Said Were MORE DANGEROUS Than Sith - Star Wars Explained

Are Gray Jedi More Powerful Than The Sith?

A lot of what I just said is the same concerning this question. But there have been some among the Sith who have become a kind of Gray Jedi, (there have been different terms assigned to this kind of Sith).

Similar to how a Jedi may sometimes feel a pull towards the Dark Side. A Sith can also be pulled to the Light, (we see Kylo Ren all over the place, so he kind of counts). 

However, if this becomes known, that Sith is banished forever, (if not killed right away). Using both sides of the Force opens up many possibilities. 

But many have argued that not specializing in one side or the other, can also weaken one. And when you’re fighting the Sith that’s a bad thing as they abhor weakness.

One fun thing I want to add is that of the three, Sith try to persuade others to their side more often, and in some cases, attempt to sway a Gray Jedi. Even though Disney says that Gray Jedi aren’t canon.

They’ve also contradicted themselves in the Clone Wars animation. We have three characters who all but call themselves Gray Jedi, and two were asked to join the Dark side.

Other Points Of Interest

In each trilogy we see a Sith trying to sway a Jedi to the Dark Side, and even though it only worked once, all three can be considered Gray Jedi.

Anakin Skywalker reveals to Obi-Wan Kenobi that he believed the Jedi were evil. Luke struggled against the Dark Side even before he knew the truth about Darth Vader.

Even though he appears as a Force ghost, I strongly believe that Anakin Skywalker became a Gray Jedi. As his beliefs about the Jedi didn’t change, only finding out he has a son and fighting his inner demons changed him.

Anakin Skywalker fighting with his lightsaber

Whereas Rey, (and Kylo Ren) kept pulling at each other and helping each other despite their differences. 

In Conclusion

We can argue about which is better all day, but until Disney stops contradicting themselves we’re going to have to settle for legends for the answers. Gray Jedi are perhaps the more approachable group, as they allow marriage and freedom to learn.

I’m looking forward to the new Ahsoka Tano live-action show. Thank you for reading and may the Force be with you. 

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