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Phrik Alloy: 10 Supreme Materials Withstanding Lightsabers

Phrik Alloy: 10 Supreme Materials Withstanding Lightsabers

In order to build weapons, both Sith and Jedi rely on compounds and raw materials from planets and different galaxies. Unfortunately, the Sith takes these materials forcefully and without care about environmental destruction.

This is also the reason why the Sith have synthetic crystals for their lightsabers. It’s easier for them to create large quantities of materials to meet the demands of their massive fleets.

However, when it comes to rare materials that have properties that are near impossible to replicate, it’s obviously more difficult to obtain. Phrik Alloy is one of these scarce and expensive materials.

What Is Phrik Alloy?

The most important property of Phrik Alloy is that it is lightsaber resistant. For this reason, it’s highly sought after by Sith and Jedi alike.

Since it’s an alloy, it’s considered to be a metallic compound. Furthermore, even though it’s lightweight, it’s also long-lasting and sturdy, making it perfect for armor and weaponry.

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How strong is it, you ask? In Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, the Death Star was used to obliterate the planet Alderaan.

A New Hope Destruction of Alderaan Extended

After the large blast, it was discovered that a container of Phrik Alloy remained unscathed. It looks like this material isn’t just lightsaber resistant, but also superlaser proof.

Additionally, this alloy was also malleable and could be easily combined with other ores, alloys, and compounds. Because of this, it was utilized to infuse Phrik’s properties in different materials.

Where Does It Come From?

Phrik is made by combining two materials: phrikite ore and tydirium ore. Phrikite was obtained through mining in Gromas 16, the sixteenth moon of gas giant Gromas.

Background And History

Before the Mandalorian War, an Arkanian individual named Doctor Gorman Vandrayk created Phrik Alloy. Although it isn’t specified, it’s definitely possible that he was the first to make and discover this compound.

Users Of Phrik Alloy

Because of the many skirmishes and wars throughout the universe, there were other groups aside from the Sith and the Jedi who made use of Phrik Alloy. A few of the users are listed below:

1. Fenelar

The Fenelar who were natives of the planet Fenel is currently extinct. It was in the 6700s BBY that this species was completely wiped out by the Mandalorian Crusaders.

But before the fall Fenelar, the industrial planet made armor and strong battleships called Dreadnaughts. In fact, the Fenelar was known to be the first to utilize Phrik Alloy at such a large scale.

Unfortunately, after being subjugated, the Mandalorians dominated the use of the Kandosii Dreadnaughts which were massive and heavily-armed battleships. With these ships, the Mandalorians strengthened their fleets for the war against the Galactic Republic.

2. IG-100 MagnaGuards

Also called the Self-Motivating Heuristically Programmed Combat Droids, these droids functioned as the bodyguards to General Grievous. They were armed with Electrostaffs made from Phrik Alloy.

This was also the weapon of Count Dooku’s bodyguards and the Imperial riot troopers. They used Phrik because of its lightsaber-proof property and its capacity to discharge electricity.

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3. Palpatine

Surely enough, the great Sith Lord used Phrik Alloy for his lightsabers, too. It not only worked well during his duels against Jedi’s, but it was also a form of mockery to them.

To the Jedi, this material was a symbol of masters. For Palpatine, to have a distastefully large amount of Phrik Alloy used for his sabers symbolized that he thought he was stronger than the other Jedi Masters.

Furthermore, it also poked fun at the Jedi Order’s traditions and their hierarchy. If you want to know more about Palpatine’s lightsabers and his view on the weapon, you can read more about it here.

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4. Dark Troopers

These droids were heavily armored battle droids and exoskeletons. Their armor plating was made out of Phrik Alloy.

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Other Lightsaber Resistant Materials

Not including Phrik Alloy, there are 10 lightsaber resistant materials known in the Star Wars universe as of today. All of these are given below.

1. Beskar or Mandalorian Steel/Iron

This alloy was the main material used to create the Mandalorian Armor. Because of its incredible durability, it could withstand not only lightsabers but also blaster shots.

The Arc Pulse Generator, created by Sabine Wren, could stand a chance against this material. The generator seared the armor so intensely that it burned whatever or whoever it was that was inside the armor.

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2. Amphistaff

The Yuuzhan Vong or the Children of Yun-Yuuzhan used the amphistaff as their weapon. These were created through genetic engineering and are actually living serpentine creatures.

When used, it could make itself stiff much like a spear with a poison tip that can be thrown at enemies from a distance. Furthermore, it could also be used as a whip because it could also be flexible.

But most of all, it could withstand strikes from lightsabers. More details about this living weapon can be watched below.

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3. Cortosis

Found on planets Dinzo and Mokivj, this mineral could absorb energy at a quick pace. This means that when a blaster shot comes into contact with it, it could easily absorb the blast.

Against a lightsaber, it was also impervious. Most incredible is its capacity to deflect the heat from explosions.

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4. Felucian Skullblade

Although considered as a primordial weapon, it’s quite enduring. Falucian Shamans used this both for fighting and for rituals.

You might have guessed from the name “Skullblade”, that this was made from the skull and teeth of certain creatures in their locality. Being made from bones, it seems confusing how it can resist lightsabers.

What’s unique about the creature is its ability to grow crystals, which had the capability to react to the Force, in its bones.

5. Neuranium

Known as one of the most substantial and weighty metallic substances in the galaxy. This was mostly used to block radiation and scanners.

While it can resist lightsabers, it was only temporary. Unfortunately, due to its heaviness, it was impractical to use.

6. Norris Root

Surprisingly, this material is a rare plant from Almar. From the plant comes a red dye that can repel energy from blasters and lightsabers.

7. Orbalisk

I never would have guessed that a non-sentient microscopic creature could be immune to lightsabers. However, these parasites actually exist on the moon Dxun.

Orbalisks live in groups and are usually dormant in dark places such as caves. When they find a suitable host, they latch onto the skin and start to feed.

From then on, this parasite would reproduce and grow until they completely encase and suffocate the host. The knowledge on how to use the Orbalisks to create weaponry is stored on a Freedon Nadd’s holocron.

8. Songsteel

This silvery glowing metal is said to be similar to Phrik or Cortosis because it is resistant to lightsabers. Being lightweight, it’s a practical material for swords and staves.

A Jedi Master named Darrus Jeht wielded a Songsteel sword during a lightsaber sparring session against Lanius Qel-Bertuk and Devan For’deschel. Because Darrus Jeht’s sword was lightsaber resistant, he was able to deflect their strikes.

9. Ultrachrome

The Ultrachrome is silver and incredibly conductive material. During the Great Sith War, the Ultrachrome was used for starship armor.

Aside from withstanding lightsabers, it was also able to deflect blasters and slugthrowers. It was also immune to fungi that ate metal.

10. Vonduun Crab

This is another living organism used by the Yuuzhan Vong. These crabs were used for armor.

When an amphistaff created a barrier for defense, the Vonduun Crab was also protected. With this defense, it could endure the amphistaff’s atomic-diameter edge and lightsabers.

In conclusion

Phrik Alloy is a rare and valuable metallic compound made from phrikite and tydirium. Due to its lightweight, durable, malleable, and lightsaber resistant properties, it is used for armaments.

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