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Top 3 Weakest Inquisitors in Star Wars Canon

Top 3 Weakest Inquisitors in Star Wars Canon

In this article, we’ll discover the stories of the top three weakest Inquisitors in the Star Wars Canon.

Each of these Inquisitors turned from the light to the dark side, seeking power and authority, but not all of them found success. 

From over-relying on physical strength to poor strategic planning, their stories unfold as lessons in what not to do when wielding a lightsaber and hunting Jedi. 

Join me as we dive into the tales of the Ninth Sister, the Tenth Brother, and the Eighth Brother, and discover why they struggled to match up to their peers in the fierce hierarchy of the Empire’s feared Inquisitors.

The Gap Between Vader’s Training and Inquisitor Combat Performance

Despite being personally trained by Darth Vader, one of the most formidable figures in the galaxy, the performance of these Inquisitors in combat often fell short of expectations. 

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Vader’s training was rigorous, focusing on harnessing the dark side of the Force and mastering combat skills to create lethal hunters of Jedi. 

However, the realities of battle exposed a significant gap between their training and their effectiveness.

This discrepancy can be attributed to several factors. 

First, the psychological and emotional manipulation by Vader during their training could have impacted their decision-making and strategic thinking. 

While they were conditioned to be relentless, their ability to adapt to unexpected challenges was not as developed. 

Moreover, Vader’s emphasis on aggression and obedience might have stifled their individual tactical creativity, making them predictable and less flexible in dynamic combat situations. 

As illustrated in the stories of the Ninth Sister, the Tenth Brother, and the Eighth Brother, their over-reliance on specific tactics or equipment, rather than a well-rounded combat strategy, often led to their undoing. 

#1. The Ninth Sister (Masana Tide)

Jedi Survivor - The Ninth Sister Boss Fight (4K)

Masana Tide, known as the Ninth Sister, is a former Jedi who turned to the dark side and became one of the Empire’s Inquisitors. 

In ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,’ Masana confronts the Jedi protagonist, Cal Kestis, during her critical mission on Kashyyyk.

Initially, she uses her physical power, trying to dominate the battlefield with forceful attacks and intimidation. 

However, her reliance on sheer strength rather than finesse and strategic combat exposes critical shortcomings in her approach.

As the fight progresses, Cal, who is nimbler and more strategic, manages to avoid her predictable and cumbersome attacks. 

Recognizing her predictability, Cal cleverly baits Masana into a false sense of security. 

He feigns vulnerability, which lures Masana into making a critical mistake—she underestimates his ability and his tactical mindset.

In a pivotal moment, Cal reveals a piece of crucial information that catches Masana off guard, shaking her emotionally and mentally. 

This revelation pertains to her past and her true identity, striking a nerve deep enough to throw her off balance. 

Angered and disoriented by the sudden emotional upheaval, Masana reacts impulsively. 

She charges at Cal recklessly, abandoning any previous semblance of strategy.

Cal seizes the opportunity, using her momentum against her. 

With precise and calculated movements, he exploits her now apparent vulnerability.

This tactical advantage allows Cal to eventually overpower Masana, leading to her defeat.

#2. The Tenth Brother (Prosset Dibs) 

10th Brother Inquisitor (Jedi Master): Full Life Story

Originally a Jedi Knight named Prosset Dibs, the Tenth Brother became disillusioned with the Jedi Order’s role in the galaxy, leading to his fall to the dark side and recruitment into the Inquisitorius. 

Despite his background as a Jedi Temple Guard, which might suggest competence in combat, his tenure as an Inquisitor was marked by critical shortcomings.

In the “Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith” comic series, the Tenth Brother’s fatal flaw is fully revealed during a mission on Mon Cala. 

Instead of a typical ambush, the scenario unfolds with a shocking twist involving the activation of Order 66-like commands against him. 

This moment mirrors the infamous Jedi purge but turns the tables on the Inquisitor.

A rogue Jedi named Barr manipulates the situation, causing the clone troopers accompanying the Inquisitors to perceive their Force-using allies as threats. 

This sudden shift catches the Tenth Brother off guard. 

The clones, trained to respond to Order 66, do not hesitate. 

They turn their weapons on the Tenth Brother, viewing him and his fellow Inquisitors as Force wielders to be neutralized.

Caught in this unexpected betrayal, the Tenth Brother fails to react quickly or adapt to the rapidly evolving threat. 

His usual combat readiness and strategic planning fall apart under the pressure of the clones’ coordinated attack. 

This failure to adjust and respond with the necessary urgency highlights his tactical deficiencies, culminating in his swift and untimely death.

#3. The Eighth Brother

The Eighth Brother's Story

The Eighth Brother, an enigmatic figure in the “Star Wars Rebels” series, is primarily known for his expertise in tracking and espionage rather than combat prowess. 

This focus on subterfuge over direct confrontation marked him as less adept in battle compared to his fellow Inquisitors, a weakness that became fatal during his final encounter on the Sith planet Malachor. 

In this critical battle, the Eighth Brother’s deficiencies in hand-to-hand combat were exploited by his adversaries, who were seasoned fighters, including Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano. 

His reliance on surveillance and evasion tactics left him unprepared for sustained melee combat. 

When confronted directly, he struggled to maintain the upper hand against opponents who were far more skilled in lightsaber duels and the strategic use of the Force in battle. 

The turning point came when the Eighth Brother decided to retreat, relying on his unique Inquisitor lightsaber, which was designed to spin and create thrust, effectively allowing brief flight. 

However, during the battle, his lightsaber was likely damaged either by direct strikes from his opponents’ lightsabers or by exposure to the harsh environmental conditions of Malachor, which is known for its rough terrain and remnants of ancient, powerful energy. 

This damage could have included critical impacts to the lightsaber’s motor and gyroscopic mechanisms, which are essential for its spinning function. 

With these components compromised, the lightsaber’s ability to generate lift was severely hindered. 

When the Eighth Brother attempted to use this function to escape, the damaged mechanism failed to operate as intended, leading to his tragic death.

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