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Are Yoda and Yaddle Married?

Are Yoda and Yaddle Married?

Yoda believed emotional attachments would put Jedi in danger of falling to the dark side. But did he believe his species was an exception? 

Since it’s believed that Yoda’s species was so rare in the galaxy, it further means the Jedi Order could have granted him an exception, allowing him to marry Yaddle out of necessity. 

We don’t know if Yaddle was Yoda’s wife, or if they ever married in the time preceding Order 66. Since they both lived for centuries, they could have had a kid, or several kids, to keep their species alive.

It’s also possible Grogu was one of those kids. 

Is Yaddle Yoda’s Wife?

The Jedi Code forbids their members to marry. But there are exceptions. 

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In the waning moments of Attack of the Clones, Anakin Skywalker married Padmè Amidala without the Jedi Council’s knowledge.

So, if Anakin and Padmè concealed their marriage, how many more Jedi did the same? 

We will never know if more Jedi married in secret. But we also know Yoda, given his hesitancy to take even one step toward the dark side, was not a likely candidate. 

Here is the more likely scenario: The Jedi Order allowed their members to marry if their species are rare or endangered. Ki-Adi-Mundi is one example.

He received clearance from the Jedi to marry four times to keep his species’ bloodlines going. 

Why Ki-Adi-Mundi was Allowed to Marry Multiple Women by the Jedi Council - Explain Star Wars (BessY)

Throughout the Skywalker Saga, we saw little of Yoda’s species. And those we did see were Force-sensitives.

Considering their overall rarity, it’s possible Yaddle is Yoda’s wife or the wife of another Force-sensitive in the species. 

Are Yoda and Yaddle Married?

Although Yoda believed more than any other Jedi that marriages led to emotional attachments that could further lead to the dark side, it’s also possible he believed in exceptions if it meant reproducing to keep a specific species alive. 

In this case, a potential marriage between Yoda and Yaddle would emerge out of necessity, not because the two were emotionally attached to one another. 

There is reason to believe Yoda was terrified of Yaddle, not attracted to her. This stems from Yaddle’s two uncommon abilities that derived from the dark side. 

Why Yoda Was TERRIFIED of Yaddle [Star Wars Explained]
  1. Moricho, allowing her to slow an enemy’s body functions until they died. And victims of Moricho felt their life slowly draining from their bodies. 
  2. Jedi Light, letting Yaddle drain the dark side of the Force from their practitioners and manifest it within herself. 

In both instances, these powers, although some Jedi mastered them, were further associated with the Sith. And they were powers Yoda showed disdain for, given their proximity to the dark side. 

We don’t know whether Yoda and Yaddle were married. But if they were, it was a symbolic marriage, strictly to continue the species. Not an emotional one. 

Yoda did not like attachments. And despite the Jedi High Council’s fondness for Yaddle, he made it clear that he disapproved of her powers. 

Did Yaddle and Yoda Have a Baby?

it's possible that Yoda & Yaddle have a baby

Yoda and Yaddle served together on the Jedi High Council. During the events of The Phantom Menace, Yaddle was 477 and Yoda was 864.

Their species reaches adulthood at 100, giving them nearly four centuries to produce a kid if it meant prolonging their species. 

Besides marrying, the Jedi Order further allowed their members to reproduce in rare cases. Ki-Adi-Mundi had seven kids with his wives to keep the Cerean race alive. And they could have granted Yoda and Yaddle the same permission. 

It’s also worth noting the duo were not the only two members of the Jedi Order from their species. So out of necessity, it’s possible, but not proven, they had a kid. 

Is Yaddle Grogu’s Mom?

GROGU Was The Reason Yaddle Left the Jedi Order! (A Star Wars Theory)

Until The Mandalorian or another source within the Star Wars universe says otherwise, we can’t confirm if Yaddle is Grogu’s mom.

However, many believe she is, and given her actions in the Skywalker Saga, the theory that Yaddle is Grogu’s mom makes sense. 

We know Grogu was born in 41 BBY, the same time as Anakin Skywalker. We also know that Yoda’s species, of which Grogu is a member, age slower than most if not all in the galaxy. 

Following her cameo on the Jedi High Council in 32 BBY, Yaddle stepped down and played a nominal role in Jedi affairs.

Did she leave to look after Grogu in the Jedi Temple, considering he was the human equivalent of a one-year-old come 32 BBY?

Someone took and hid Grogu during Order 66, allowing him to survive the attack.

We have no idea who hid Grogu, but Yaddle’s fate in the attack remains unknown, leading many to suspect she also survived Order 66 and went into hiding with Grogu. 

In Star Wars Legends, Yaddle died in 26 BBY while accompanying Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to Mawan. This timeline still gave her six years to look after Grogu after she stepped down from the Council. 

In Star Wars Canon, Greez Dritus implied she was still alive after telling Cere Junda he heard tales of Yaddle while growing up in Lateron. 


Yoda and Yaddle spent time together on the Jedi High Council. Despite Yaddle’s popularity with other Jedi, Yoda remained suspicious of her since her powers aligned with the dark side. 

So if the two were legally married, it was out of necessity and not out of emotion. 

It’s also possible Yoda and Yaddle helped reproduce their species, either together, or with another Force-sensitive being over the centuries.

Grogu is one of a few possible kids Yoda and Yaddle could have produced

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